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Next Jump’s goal is to change the way we go about our jobs and lives, by sharing our learnings to companies around the globe.

Perks at Work

The core of our business, Perks at Work, helps employees access all the benefits their companies offer and helps HR professionals share this information easily with their staff.


NxJ Academy

Learn how to apply our methods to your own company’s culture. We offer half day, full day, and 3 day fully immersive courses about building a better workplace culture.


Our Culture

Over the past 21 years, we’ve engineered tools and programs that foster a culture of leadership and growth. Our goal is for each Next Jumper to lead a successful life, both at work and at home.


Latest News

Book Launch: An Everyone Culture

March 22, 2016


Next Jump was recently recognized by a group of Harvard Professors and an organization, Way to Grow, as a Deliberately Developmental Organization. Next Jump was one of three organizations globally recognized for this honor.



A Recent Visit from PS 119


Next Jump’s Sponsored Public School PS 119 in the Bronx sent 35 students to our NY office for a field trip. Students experienced our culture first hand, by participating in Spin Classes, Coding Exercises, and Development Meetings.

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The Department of Defense


Next Jump hosted the United States Department of Defense in their May Academy session. Over a 3 day session, we discussed growth and development with some of our nation’s top leaders.

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From Our Leadership


INSPIRATION comes from the latin word inspirata..means: Breathing life into others. You can’t do if you don’t have life/energy yourself.


Why Change Workplace Culture

Non-profits have taken on the responsibility of fixing the world, however a majority of the world’s capital, technology, and brightest people work in for-profit companies.

Next Jump, a for-profit company, invests its time and resources in growing its people • Better Me
for the purpose of helping others • Better You
which leads to a better world • Better Us

Imagine what we could do if more companies operated this way…

More About Our Mission