What does Next Jump do?



Next Jump was founded in 1994 making print coupon books for college campuses and eventually for corporate employees in partnership with HR departments of Fortune 1000 companies. WHAT we do as a company has evolved over the years, however we believe something much more important is WHY we exist.

Our big audacious goal is to make the world a better place by fundamentally changing the model for how companies are run. We discovered a universal formula in how company cultures should be built: Better Me + Better You = Better Us. The key ingredient to success is striking a balance and building a growing cycle of better me to better you. Our cultural investments are made to better our employees for the purpose of getting better, strong and smarter so that we can help others.

Our Perks at Work e-commerce platform serves over 70 million employees around the globe generating over $2 billion in sales in 2016.

You may have heard about us in:

Harvard/ HBR – selected as 1 of 3 companies in a three year study on the future of work and how work is becoming the next institution of learning. Harvard Business Review published the book An Everyone Culture in March 2016 featuring Next Jump as a Deliberately Developmental Organization (DDO).

TEDTalk by Simon Sinek – on the main stage, leadership expert Simon Sinek shares two companies as examples of how companies should run and the environments they’ve built. Next Jump is featured as 1 of 2 companies, talking about our no-firing/ lifetime employment policy.

Johns Hopkins School of Public Health – Next Jump was selected as 1 of 3 of the healthiest workplaces in the country. Their video highlights our wellness programs, along with Johnson & Johnson and USAA.

ConsciousCompanyConscious Company – Next Jump’s Co-CEOs were featured on the cover of the magazine in its December/January 2016 issue, “How to Profit By Helping Your Workers Be Their Best Selves.”

Next Jump built a $2-Billion e-commerce business based on its revolutionary workplace culture that values self-development above all else