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The Feedback App Explained


How it works

The Feedback App simplifies the process for employees to give and receive anonymous peer feedback. The Feedback App is designed to make it easy for employees to share their true unfiltered feedback and get to the truth.

Employees can track their performance & trends over time, and view performance after meetings and events to see where they need to grow.

Give feedback to others

After a team meeting or group presentation, set up aside some time to share honest feedback with your peers. Rate them honestly on a scale of 1-4 and leave comments for how you think they could improve.

View your own feedback

When you receive feedback, you’ll receive a notification of what a peer said about you. Review feedback you’ve received every week and create action for how to improve.

Track your growth over time

See the trend of your feedback change over time as you receive feedback over time and work to improve yourself.

Interested in testing at your company?

To get started, click the link below to let us know that you’re interested in bringing the Feedback App to your company.


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