Observe, Do, Learn

A hands-on 3-Day workshop created to share our lessons in building a culture of high performance and a company of decision-makers. Observe and participate in programs that are built to develop leaders at all levels.

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3 Day Immersion in a Deliberately Developmental Organization

Next Jump is one of three companies profiled in An Everyone Culture by the Harvard Business Review.

"What if a company did everything in its power to create a culture in which everyone, not just select 'high potentials', could overcome their own internal barriers to change and use errors and vulnerabilities as prime opportunities for personal and company growth?"

– Dr. Robert Kegan, Harvard University

In Their Words

"When I was a USAF Captain I led a team that competed internationally with rifle (M-16) and handgun (M-9). We were on the range every day for months, four hours a day, and shot tens of thousands of rounds. I thought I was awesome until we took a field trip to the Olympic Training Center to see future Olympians shoot rifle. They were able to do things I wasn't even capable of imagining. They helped me rethink what was possible, and I left there feeling a mix of humility and inspiration. This is what a visit to Next Jump does. They widen your understanding of what's possible. They have mastered providing support, challenge, and practice in equal measure. Next Jump is proof that people or mission is a fallacy, that you can be great at both."

Colonel Brent French
PhD, Headquarters Air Force, Security Forces

Actionable Programs

From techniques that can help shape entire teams, down to the fundamentals of personal growth, go one-on-one with Next Jump’s top leaders to adapt programs for your organization’s unique challenges.

Workshops include: Recruiting, Onboarding, Feedback, and how to implement coaching at scale in your organization

For Leaders Making Impact

2018 Academy Schedule
Jan 31 - Feb 2Educators
April 25 - 27Business Leaders
June 6 - 8PACE Air Force
Aug 1 - 3Business Leaders
Oct 12 - 13Hiring & Onboarding
Oct 17Marine Corps War College
Oct 24 - 26Military

Academy is for leaders who have demonstrated impact within their own organization's culture and want to learn how to become a DDO.

We train across industries (Education, Military, For-Profit, Government) and vet for action bias.

Reflections from the Air Force

"How to do we change the world? How do we change the Air Force? We do it by taking care of the person to our left. We learned so many great ways to do that here…thank you for helping us and accelerating that."

-Brig. General Brook Leonard
2016 PACE Professionalism Impact Award winner
2017 Leadership Academy Graduate

Online Academy Courses

Can’t make it to an in-person session? Get a taste of key learnings or take a deeper dive with full-length classes available for free. New courses are added regularly.

Develop the leadership abilities of your employees.

Learn to avoid burnout, train towards better decision making, and unlocking maximum performance.

Hosted by Charlie Kim and Meghan Messenger

Create a culture where employees feel valued and appreciated.

Learn to shift from top-down to peer-driven recognition, and reward the traits you value most.

Hosted by Greg Kunkel

Building a Culture of Trust

Learn to create safe environments where your employees and team members can practice their shortcomings...

- as mentioned in Simon Sinek's Bestselling "Leaders Eat Last", and top ranked TED talk "The Circle of Safety".

Health Ignites Performance

Learn about health programs that help your employees perform at their peak potential.

Dr. Jim Loehr, founder of the Human Performance Institute, called Next Jump "...the demonstration project. Next Jump will be referenced in history as the turning point in how business has changed."

We are looking for leaders to join our movement who have two common traits.

First, they have a demonstrated track record of making change – a bias to action. Second, they are “good from within” and made impact on a community beyond their immediate circle.

Charlie Kim
Founder and Co-CEO

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