Book of Mistakes: Introducing Feedback

Posted on
February 22, 2017

At Next Jump, we’ve started to compile our Lessons Learned in something we’re calling, Our Book of Mistakes. We’ll tag new posts as #BookofMistakes  

When we started sharing our Feedback App with other organization’s a few months ago, we learned from this mistake: We assumed that a new program / tool would immediately be widely adopted. The lesson we learned was the need for leveling.    

As an example, we created actual level suggestions for introducing feedback into your organization. These are based off of what we experienced with over 10 years in programs.

  • Level 1 – use the App as a scoring tool for a technical presentation. This allows for gamification. We started our 10x program initially within our engineering team, to give engineers an internal platform to showcase their work and what made them 10x.  Other uses we have seen: it could be used for presentation and public speaking (i.e. Rating everyone at toastmasters)
  • Level 2 – as a scoring tool on your self awareness, self assessment for project debriefed/ post mortems. You present scoring yourself 1-4 and explain why. Then everyone else scores you
  • Level 3 – our current 10x, even open feedback – it’s centered around WHO YOU ARE. Much more sensitive. Trying to jump into this from the start is too difficult for most people and organizations.