How to ask for feedback in a meeting – Level 1

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March 23, 2017

Next Jump Implementing Feedback App for Self/Group

  • How could the tool help you in meetings you’re already having? Inventory your meetings that could ask for feedback
  • We recommend starting out with Level 1 – use the Feedback App as a scoring tool for a presentation.
  • If updates/presentations (fixed speakers – e.g. everyone on team is presenting an update) – leave 30 seconds between each presentation for everyone to use feedback app
  • If working session (more fluid) – leave 5 minutes at end of a meeting for everyone to use feedback app together

Example of how Next Jump inventoried programs:


Asking For Feedback: Stand in the line for the truth

In asking for feedback, here are some lessons we’ve learned:

  • Normalize that giving a “2” is meeting expectations (give permission)
  • Start with a self-assessment. “I think I am a “Needs improvement” because…
  • Ask for immediate visceral reaction – don’t worry for the right words
  • Recommend to the givers of feedback they do opposite of what your mom always told you (“if you can’t say something nice…) – Don’t water it down!

Which line are you in?