Millennials Don’t Want Fun; They Want You To Lead Better

Mark C. Crowley
October 17, 2016

[This article was originally published on LinkedIn and authored by Mark C. Crowley.]


After more than a decade of effort, American businesses still have not figured out how to successfully motivate, inspire – and keep – millennial workers.

According to a new and comprehensive Gallup study, employees 20 to 36 years old are the least engaged generation in the workplace by far. On top of that, 21 percent quit their jobs last year, and 60 percent say they’re floating their resumés right now!

For all the companies that tried to win over their “Gen Y” workers by paying down their student loan bills, introducing free energy drinks and making the hoody acceptable office attire, these stats may seem galling. Perhaps we should all just accept that this is simply a group of needy and entitled people who’ll never be truly happy or loyal at work?

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