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Reflections from the US Air Force June Leadership Academy

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June 10, 2017

We end our 3-day Academy with dedicated time to reflect and share takeaways. For Next Jumpers this is a gift to hear how the Academy has impacted the leaders in attendance. Here is a sampling of what was overheard at the reflections with Air Force leaders in June:

  • This is the most self-reflection I’ve done in the last 37 years
  • I’ll remember these three days as a highlight of my military career
  • It’s OK to hold someone to a high high standard of excellence
  • Sometimes you feel good for a little while and then it falls off, but from my small group breakout, there were real actionable items they wanted to take into action
  • Totally revitalized going back to my job
  • Touched by Meghan’s talk – thinking about re-imagining Air Force mission.  Maybe we should make people the best versions of themselves, and then defend the nation through air power.
  • Learned to start small here, don’t firehouse the units since each as so specific
  • Thank you for taking an investment in a small time kid. means a lot to me.
  • The power of feedback – we use it on a paper basis, not really a part of our culture / everyday / every week.  That’s the most valuable aspect.
  • Diversity is such a huge team asset, and you have the perfect team here.
  • I feel like I found my calling here – found out that I am really good at sleep class!
  • My takeaway is personal to me. I feel like I’m operating in a  risk averse environment, surrounded my risk averse people.  You have been a mirror to me, and realize that I in fact am the risk averse person.
  • You can hire engineers, and grab them to embrace this culture thing.
  • I’ve been struggling, stuck personally in one place, and needed some sort of catalyst, and this three days has been that.
  • In the Air Force, you get institutionalized in a minute.  You can walk into a unit and tell right away, is this a healthy unit or a [janky] unit.  I walked here, and immediately felt like this was a healthy unit, that’s why I use the word family.
  • Threw my paradigm upside down.  I thought I had the corner of the market in developing leaders, and you’ve turned that upside down and it’s incredibly humbling.  To show me how broad my blind spots are.
  • Takeaway – your courage to take risks.
  • After 20 years of being in the Air Force, I thought I was pretty good at getting feedback. Turns out I’m not! I get uncomfortable hearing others get feedback!
  • When i saw a 1/4 on feedback…we’re not allowed to give that much negative feedback on a Friday.  We have really done ourselves a dis-service in how we motivate people.  This level of transparency is absolutely necessary.  Thank you for this opportunity, it is life changing.
  • To be great, you have to be all in.  We have the opportunity to be leaders and doers.
  • How it’s so important to give good feedback, you have to get good feedback.  To grow you have to suffer.
  • Mind body interconnect – we need a little bit more practice time, but what was really impactful.   We frequently make excuses that there is always no-fail missions, but we do have little things.
  • For me personally, the concept of investment in loss really made sense.
  • Thank you for giving us all an example of what right looks like