This is what work-life balance looks like at a company with 100% retention of moms

Jenny Anderson, Quartz
October 17, 2016

[This article was originally published in Quartz and authored by Jenny Anderson.]


When Phil Graves, a father of three young girls, worked for Deloitte, his days looked a lot like those of many working professionals. He left before the kids were up to commute to work in San Francisco. He raced through his day, and dashed home to make the bedtime crush: bath, bedtime stories, a few sweet snuggles before lights out for the kids, dinner with his wife and a flurry of emails before bed.

“All my quality time with my daughters was on weekends,” he said.

And that was a good version of what most working parents in the US experience. Deloitte has some of the most family-friendly benefits in corporate America. For 17 years it has featured on Fortune’s “Top 100 Companies to work for” and was recently named a top company by Working Mother magazine. Its benefits include paid maternity and paternity leave, and flexible work arrangements.

Graves is now head of Patagonia’s venture fund and everything about his day is different. For one, he sees his children a lot.
For 33 years Patagonia has had an on-site child care center that bears little resemblance to what anyone might imagine corporate on-site child care looks like.

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