Next Jumpers

Why Workplace Culture?

Non-profits have largely taken on the responsibility of fixing the world.  The majority of the world’s capital, technology, and brightest people work in for-profit companies.

The number one strategy in Next Jump has been to define culture as “Better Me + Better You = Better Us”.  This simply means Next Jump invests its time and resources in growing its people (Better Me) for the purpose of helping others (Better You) which leads to a better world (Better Us).

Crisis @ Work = Crisis @ Home

  • Good Culture
    • Development
    • Leadership
    • Safety
    • Work/Life Balance
    • Meaning and Purpose
  • Bad Culture
    • Depression
    • Unethical Leaders
    • Bullying Epidemic
    • Stress and Poor Health
    • Inferiority Complex

Our Solution

Growth (Career Development)
Purpose (Work that Matters)

Living a Happy, Proud Life

This simple formula we believe is a universal truth for all human beings.  If every for-profit company actioned this as a core strategy, we would be fixing a major problem in the world.

“The number one predictor of employee engagement is the perception of how much your employees feel cared for as a human being.”

Dr. Jim Loehr

Next Jump